Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does The Deliver Ring (TDR) operate?
    We partner with the best restaurants to bring residents and office buildings their favorite meals right to their front door. The customer places an order via our site, our call center, or our easy-to-use app and we forward the order to the participating restaurant(s) through our sophisticated online system. We assign the order to the closest available The Deliver Ring driver and place it when he/she is within moments of the restaurant; this is so that the food is picked up right when it's finished. Our expertise is to determine how long particular orders will take to make vs. how long the next available driver will take to get there in order to avoid any meals just sitting at a restaurant getting cold. Our expertise is to time these factors perfectly so that the driver still delivers your food within a reasonable time frame.

  2. How do I place an order by phone?
    First, note the desired menu items you would like from any of our participating restaurants. Then contact our Call Center at (210) 607-9413. One of our Call Representatives will collect your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email (if you would like an emailed receipt), and Form of Payment. At your request, he or she will provide you with your order total and approximate delivery time. A receipt of your order will be emailed to you if you chose to provide an email address.

  3. Can I also place an order online?
    Yes! Our system will forward the order to the restaurant just like a Call Representative would and will also provide you with a receipt and an approximate delivery time. We also have an app for that!
  4. What are the ordering hours of TDR?
    We are currently open Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM and every day from 4:30 PM-9:30 PM.
    *NOTE: Not all of the restaurants are always open during the same times as TDR. If a restaurant tab on the homepage does not appear to your zipcode, they are probably not currently open for delivery service.

  5. What is the latest I can place an order with TDR?
    The latest an order can be placed is fifteen minutes before the lunch and dinner closing times.
  6. Where does TDR deliver to?
    We continue to expand our delivery radius, but currently we deliver within a 6 mile radius of selected, partnered restaurants in San Antonio, TX and The Woodlands, TX. Some restaurants may offer delivery for an extended radius at a slightly higher delivery fee. If you don't see your zipcode listed, please give us a call and we will gladly determine if you are within our delivery radius. We reserve the right to refuse delivery service to any address for any reason.

  7. What is the approximate delivery time normally?
    Our usual delivery time is within 60 minutes, but we do not guarantee this approximation (Large orders take more time and traffic hours can result in longer quotes). Our average time is under 45 minutes! But, we can not control inclement factors including, but not limited to: traffic, bad weather, TDR rush hours, restaurant rush hours, restaurant preparation times, etc. However, our Drivers, Call Representatives, and Managers are trained to complete their job effectively and efficiently, so you can count on the TDR team to be working as hard as possible to satisfy you!
  8. Do the TDR drivers accept tips?
    Of course! Tips are a primary source of their income. We are one of the only Restaurant Delivery Service's in the NATION to have a delivery fee as low as $2.99. We try to make the fee as low as possible so that the drivers may still receive a generous tip.
    The delivery service fee is not a tip! We like to recommend at least 10-15 % as standard gratuity, but the customers can tip as much as they like!

  9. Can I put the tip on my credit card when I place my order?
    Yes. In fact, if you do not have cash to tip with, please put the tip on the order when you place a credit card order online or let the Call Representative know and he or she will do it for you.
  10. What forms of payment does TDR accept?
    TDR accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diner's Club. We do NOT accept checks. (CASH IS KING!)  

  11. Does TDR accept gift certificates and coupons?
    We do not accept the participating restaurant's certificates and coupons. However, we do offer TDR coupons and gift certificates from time to time; please call our call center or check online for these offers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TheDeliverRing as we tend to offer free delivery coupon codes occasionally!
  12. What is the minimum order for delivery service?
    Minimum orders depend on the restaurant, but all orders have a minimum of at least $10, not including the gratuity and delivery fee.

  13. What do I do if I receive my order and something is wrong or is missing?
    TDR strives to do everything we can to deliver your meals correctly, timely, and hot and fresh in our state-of-the-art insulated bags. Our drivers can count the items in your order, but our drivers are not allowed to touch the food. In the RARE event, something is missing or in error, we will do our best to fix the issue immediately. If you have concerns with your order, please let us amend any problems by calling us and not the restaurant.

  14. Does TDR delivery alcohol or tobacco products?
    Currently, we do not deliver alcohol or tobacco products. However, we are working diligently on making this possible (groceries too)! Check back for updated information.

  15. Can I order food to be delivered from a restaurant that is not listed on TDR's site?
    Unfortunately, no. We have special partnerships with the restaurants we provide the delivery service for. However, you are more than welcome to contact us at
    info@thedeliver-ring.com  to request that TDR contact your favorite restaurant(s) and aim to partner with them. Better yet, you may also inform your favorite restaurant(s) that you would like TDR to provide delivery service for them and to have them contact us immediately!
  16. I own a restaurant; may I sign up with TDR?
    Absolutely! We always strive to better serve our customers by offering delivery service for a wider range of restaurants. Just call us at (210) 607-9413 or email us at


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